SF RTB B Stage racks getting pre prepped

Can’t leave home with out Antelope OCX (Digi desks need love 2!)


Man. What a crazy day Rock The Bells SF was


Lobby call was 1230 am and load in started promptly at 1 am

What is a 1 am call time? Early n awesome or not awesome

Normally, on large events you try to have the rig loaded in the day before,

but some country music group had the arena the day before, so alas load in the day of


I guess we had to roll with it
the rig went up fast, and sounded great quick … Orlando is a beast of a system tech

Empty stage SF RTB

Curtis, Mo n some of the DBS crew

Arrays don’t have sounds
Mixers n system techs have sounds
Good n bad
(unless the array is Peavy, QSC, EAW or Chinese crap)

Union pre prepping arrays SF

Dont walk in front of side fills

Remember d n b wedges take nl8 N straight up are loud as fuck, like oh god loud




After some checking from the Miss Hill crew, suddenly it was morning and

before we knew any better the show was starting

I was excited, because the artist I had to mix went 2nd to last  and not last (on the longest day of the show)

I dont think I would have been as keen on the mix if I would have had to fully use my brain for another 2 hours, after I was done mixing Nas

(for the record, I only had to save after Miss Hill’s set .. no mixing for me…I enjoyed that after an almost 24 hour day )

The two tallest FOHs. Under the shortest tent thing.   (Phil Strong FOH for Common)

Shoreline staff and local production people said they had never felt the arena shake like that (with regards to the bass for Nas)  … I mentioned thats how we do.

After RTB SF I got extra pumped for NY

RTB NYC up next

Its on!